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Bring the best technology available to the Warfighter as quickly as possible by providing an open environment where industry, academia, and Government can engage in innovation, development, and rapid prototyping of emerging PNT technologies

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The Product Manager PNT Modernization office within PM PNT is chartered to seek out and accelerate development of the best solutions to continuously optimize the Army’s PNT capabilities.

Using agile and adaptive acquisition processes and a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) for system architectures, PdM PNT Modernization aims to layer “plug-and-play” solutions continuously as new technologies emerge. Our Open Innovation Lab (OIL) is a collaborative space that breaks down common barriers, granting us access to innovation resources beyond our own organization and keeping us on the cutting-edge of technological advancements. We are depending on YOU to show us your best compatible technologies and ideas!

PNT Modernization Process

The OIL is part of the PNT Modernization Process, which facilitates the rapid integration of cutting- edge technologies into products, and ultimately provides the Soldier with unmatched capability.