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Sensor Compute Environment (SCE)/Integrated Sensor Architecture (ISA):

As a part of the Army’s Common Operating Environment (COE), Sensor CE has requirements to define the standards for interoperability used when connecting sensors to the Army networks. The primary solution used by Sensor CE is the Integrated Sensor Architecture (ISA). ISA is a MOSA standard that provides a modular solution and extensible data model that can be used to meet the Sensor CE requirements of operations with any modality of sensor, from Enterprise to tactical networks, across any security enclave, and capable of being used on embedded platforms. ISA seeks to provide an Army-approved plug and play standard for use with sensors.

As a stakeholder of the Open Innovation Lab to promote Industry, Academia and Government MOSA objectives, Sensor CE provides a flexible and extendible implementation and testing environment to the user community. Our environment allows both implementers and integrators to test and verify their SCE/ISA integration as well as to inform the SCE team of future capability needs and ideas. The extensibility of ISA is an attribute that is an advantage to the users as its capability can expand its micro-services as new requirements and novel methods of data exchange continue to grow.

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